I bought mine last week and it has been fine.Heats our 50k gal pool very more quickly & quietly . It is a good company and their technical person took me through different options before I chose to go with the heat pump and not a heater. I hope this helps. I think you will enjoy having it!

Laura O.

I am a refrigeration mechanic too. We specialize in heat pumps and I can honestly say Lucking Star is the most reliable of any high efficiency brand I have seen. We have been installing 200+ units year with negligible problems. As for comments on heat pumps not heating in winter it is likely due to poor installation practices or undersized equipment.do yourself a favor if you are thinking of installing this product and make sure you have someone install it who does a proper heat loss calculation for you and uses licensed installers.

Juergen Ringlein

I've had this for 5 years now and it's as silent as the first day I bought it. The remote works flawlessly and the thermostat is very accurate. This unit currently heats a little over 600 square feet on its own and temperatures have dipped into the single digits before. There were no issues and it didn't seem to run excessively. I haven't kept exact records on my heating bill but I know that it did go down after replacing my older furnace. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is looking to replace their unit with a top notch product. If I could give one piece of feedback to the manufacture I would ask for future versions to include controls on the unit in the event that the remote cannot be located or was damaged.

Name: S. Jodrey

I've owned this heat pump for about three years now, and I have to say it is one of the best home improvement investments I have ever made! I can't say anything bad about this system other than the initial installation cost. I love that it can both heat and cool my home for 20%-25% less monthly cost.

Jeff M.

I have installed five different manufacturing heat pumps for myself/friends in the last 5 years. This was my first to chose Luckingstar heat pump. It is the best unit, VERY quiet, easy installation, very good packaging, palletized, protective shipping, on-time delivery, zero damages.

Christopher Andrew Bragan