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"Lucking Star Dream - New Departure:" - China Dealers Conference - Creating Wealth and New Brand

Published :2016-03-23 By: Luckingstar

On March 22, "Lucking Star Dream - New Departure” for the theme, 2016 Lucking Star air to water heat pump Wealth and Brand Strategy Conference was held in Dongguan Nanhua International Hotel. The conference attracted more than 600 outstanding dealers from all over the country. President Mr. Luo, GM Mr. Xie, VGM Mr. Lei, Technology Director Mr. China market Sales Director Mr. Li, GM of Rui Fa Industrial Park Mr. Luo attended the conference. The leader of Secretary of China clean energy application technology, Secretary General of the League of Jizong Jin, Guangdong University heat pump engineering center director Yan Sheng Xu, Longchuan County Investment Promotion Bureau Director Xiaolong Luo and other the industry experts and scholars and government representatives were also invited to attend.


Lucking Star creating wealth conference scene 

As Lucking Star creating wealth conference, there is not only experience share, policy support, medal presentation but also new product publish,new brand strategy and luxury Benz. We will share the wealth conference with all dealers from all over the country. All people felt that it was worthy. 

Lucking Stand always stand with you

Mr. Luo made a key speech. He said that with whole society for the concept of environmental protection and energy saving awareness continues to mature, the air source product concept more and more went into each consumer's field. Before the air soure products just walk into the lives of ordinary people, people, but with "fog and haze" as a social vocabulary appears in the public domain, with advantages of energy-saving environmental protection air energy products already had became effectively resist haze weather and tool to improve the environment. In the capital, Beijing, as the benchmark for the northern market more and more favor air products, its future business opportunities have been no reservations showing a gratifying momentum. Experts said that in the next 15 years of China , in terms of energy saving and environmental protection will increase support, the introduction of relevant policies, energy-saving emission reduction technologies and products will have unprecedented opportunities and partners choose a trusted brand, can address their customer concerns, and help them to walk on the broad road more and more smoothly, and Lucking Star is such a brand.


 Lucking Star creating wealth conference main scene 

Rising from the beginning of creation we are walking in the tenth year. We are Sino Australian cooperation enterprises, national high and new technology enterprises, first team national energy-saving products Huimin project promotion enterprise, Dongguan key point enterprises and municipal innovation industry demonstration base, one of the top three largest heat pump manufacturers of Guangdong province. Company covers an area of 4 million square metrers with garden style factory, has two advanced domestic heat pump water heater automatic production line, 4 advanced commercial heat pump automatic production line and one new water tank factory. The company has annual production capacity of 4 million units commercial heat pump unit , 10 million units domestic heat pump and 12 million units water tank. For dealers, choosing Lucking Star, not just choose the brand, but the trust for a enterprise on the quality of the supremacy. During a visit to the rising of the heat pump factory,  water tank factory, the special heat pump factory and sheet metal workshop, all the dealers are rising  thumbs up sign. Hearsay is not true, seeing is real. All distributors thought our cooperation between Lucking Star can go farther and farther after seeing serious production process and details.

new brand new strategy 


dealers visit Lucking Star factory 

We will promote new brand RUIXING Gaoke(瑞星高科) for China heat pump market in 2016. It focus China domestic heat pump market.


dealers visit Lucking Star factory 

New products for New market 

In Lucking Star factory, staff prepared carefully for each a product. There is full of wind and rain tents for the product. Hundreds of products brought strong visual shock to all dealers entered the workshop . Our products covered life hot water, floor heating, drying, constant temperature planting breeding, industry and agricultural applications etc. Fields. We have been developed more than 20 series with more than 300 types of products. The products are mainly household heat pump series, commercial heat pump series, commercial low-temperature heat pump series, commercial super low temperature heat pump series, high temperature heat pump series, drying heat pump series, triple heating pump series, swimming pool series, double source heat pump series, household heating heat pump series, commercial heating heat pump series, air-cooled module for hot and cold water series, constant temperature breeding heat pump series, laser chillers series, room air conditioner cabinet series etc.. Hundreds of  product line, so that all the dealers were dizzying. With the help of the summit, we also launched the household, commercial and special heat pump products. Our domestic hanging heat pump has 80c high temperature, more convenient to install, small floor space, with remote control and WiFi function; our third generation air source heat pump has buffering function, energy storage function, prevent dirty function,remote control function. Our dehumidification drying unit with integrated design, realize cooling and heating, cold insulation technology, turbo technology, independent dehumidification function and heating dehumidification recovery function etc. Creating air energy market crucial weapon and wealth, the product is the key. All the time we always supply best quality and competitive price to the dealers, leading them to hold more and more market. 



dealers visit Lucking Star new water tank factory

Bens are waiting for you. Would you like to go home with me? 

In Lucking Star factory gate, a brand-new Mercedes Benz car is placed in the most conspicuous position. It is the the biggest surprises which we brought to all dealers for this annual meeting. In order to go further with partners, more cooperation, we are sincere. 

The conference can let all friends have the harvest, the wealth summit. We arranged many favourable policy, incentives, discount. After a while, the financial department is crowded, more than 20 service cars and H6 had became dealers’ gift, and the Mercedes Bens had been got by one dealer from the southwest of china. Thus our policy and products were very recognized by our dealers..



This was not an ordinary meeting, but a brand and wealth summary. We opened a new journey, willing accompany the growth and development with each dealer. 



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