"Emergency medical care, health knowledge," lectures

On the evening of April 7, the "emergency rescue, health knowledge popularization seminars held in LuckingStar training room, speaker explained for emergency rescue, natural disasters escape knowledge, the CPR on the scene emergency nursing knowledge, common occupational disease prevention and improvement, employees' mental health and multiple etc. through rich and varied forms of PPT, on-site demonstration and illustration analysis etc. 

Taught the masses of workers to care for their own health, establishing the new concept of healthy life, enhance consciousness of ego health care. The masses of workers learned the basic EMTs and daily health care knowledge. It has been welcomed by the workers. We had to say that the lecture had been benefited a lot for everyone, was a very good spiritual civilization construction activities. We more deeply felt the company's deep concern for the lives of workers.

handling of emergencies

In this lecture, the boring theory knowledge is easy to understand by teacher’s humorous language.The teaching was most incisive and wonderful, while the teacher also actively interacted with employees to help employees to understand their own problems and find out the countermeasures. this easy interactive way let employees to feel easy, benefit in a relaxed atmosphere to learn health and first aid knowledge.

explanation for common disease prevention and improvement of knowledge


demonstration common occupational disease treatment method

the main content of the lecture for "Emergency medical care, health knowledge," 

    • 1. emergency treatment for the occurrence of emergencies (such as shock, faint, electric shock, drowning, fracture, wound dressing, hemorrhage, asphyxia, heat stroke, car accidents, elevator safety, etc.) and knowledge to escape the natural disasters (such as lightning, flood, earthquake, typhoon etc.);
    • 2. CPR site emergency rescue knowledge (such as chest compressions, airway opening, artificial respiration, self-help and mutual aid);
    • 3. how to do the emergency treatment for unit accidents (such as burns, falls, trauma);
    • 4. To improve the prevention of common disease (such as cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain, varicose veins, intestinal infectious disease, radiation etc.);
    • 5. Mental Health (how to alleviate the psychological pressure, excessive fatigue etc.);
    • 6. food health and safety (balanced diet, food collocation, common food poisoning etc.).