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【LOVE】- Gave left-behind children - LuckingStar

Published :2016-04-22 By: Luckingstar

Caring for rural left behind children, it needs the whole society to lend a helping hand, to participate in. we hope arouse the hearts of the kids that hidden in the heart of the beautiful child, always happy to face every day through such activities,also hope that more people can pass on love, let more people pay more attention to these children.

The donation ceremony,student representatives made a statement, thanks to Lucking Star and all sectors of society for their love and care, they will take this love to work hard to grow up a useful person. 


The picture is the scene of love donation



We will continue to care Chinese left-behind children. They need every love from all sectors of society.  They are our flowers of country. They are our future and tomorrow. Action!!! Everyone!!! 



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